Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Female Privilege of Being Mothers or Breadwinners

Newsweek Magazine reports on the privileged luxury many women have to either work or be stay at home mothers. This is a luxury most men don't have and that many fathers would kill to have but the feminist movement tells us that only men are privileged. Yeah ok:

"A lot of women my age don't feel a big need to work because they know they can if they want to," says Kate Francisco, 32, of Langhorne, Pa., a mother of two...

[W]omen are using their earnings to buy back personal time." To keep them even part time, employers have to offer flexible schedules, telecommuting or shorter hours. Joanne Brundage, a former postal worker and founder of a support group, Mothers & More, in Elmhurst, Ill., calls it "sequencing"--switching in and out of the work force depending on your time of life...

A higher portion of women are choosing "women's work," such as nursing and teaching. It's no coincidence that these jobs offer many options for part-timers."

After reading this how can anyone believe that the fact that men make more money is due to some sexist conspiracy to keep women oppressed?

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