Friday, September 13, 2013

Gloria Steinem Says Women in the West Still Do Not Have Democracy in the Home But In Reality Women Make Most of the Decisions in the Home

At 2:50 in the following new BBC video on feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem you hear her claim that most women don't have Democracy in the home

but this is a flat out lie because a pew center social trends survey found that women make significantly more decisions than men inside the home. Here are the findings:

"The survey finds that in 43% of all couples it’s the woman who makes decisions in more areas than the man. By contrast, men make more of the decisions in only about a quarter (26%) of all couples."

The London Telegraph reported in 2012 that the same is true in the UK, meaning that women make most of the decisions in the relationship there as well:

"Women are typically the ‘alpha’ partner in a relationship and are the ones who instigate financial decisions and carry out the research, the study found.
Men, meanwhile, tend to be the ‘beta’ partners. Although they provide some input into financial decision-making they take “relatively low level of responsibility” compared to the alpha females."

So Gloria Steinem is just continuing the usual melodramatic lies that made her career and the careers of her fellow feminist movement pioneers. Lie after lie after lie.

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