Friday, September 27, 2013

Marissa Alexander is NOT a Victim

Marissa Alexander the fake victim and mutual domestic abuser is back in the news again being portrayed as innocent and now after Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have swooped in to declare her a victim of racism she will get a retrial and maybe end up walking free. 

They keep saying she only fired a "warning shot" when actually as the court documents show she actually fired in the direction of her husband and two children and barely missed his head. And this was after she passed up the garage and two doors that were unobstructed which is inconsistent behavior with someone claiming to be a scared victim. 

This is why the jury took so little time to find her guilty the first time. She claimed the garage door wasn't working but the investigation found not a shred of evidence that there was anything wrong with the garage door as the court documents show. Read the CBS article where they are portraying her as a victim first

 and then read the court documents I downloaded here:

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