Friday, September 13, 2013

Only 40% of Eligible Female Voters Voted in 1920 Defying the Claims of First Wave Feminism About How Most Women Were Dying to Vote

This is the New York Times reporting on how only 40% of the women eligible to vote actually did after all of the hype by the first wave feminists:

"Women Votes Fewer Than 50%.

After a terrific struggle the franchise was granted to the women of America. In the 1920 election, it is estimated that the women cast thirty-seven percent of the total vote and forty-three percent of the women qualified to vote actually did"

So when they say that us evil men prevented them from voting now you know to what extent it was due to a lack of interest from potential female voters.

Less Than 50% of Eligible Women Voted in 1920 by diligentpurpose

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