Thursday, September 19, 2013

Both Women and Men Like Women More Than Either Gender Likes Men

Men never sided with other men on average more than with women it is contrary to our biological hardwiring. This myth of the average man banding together against women and giving each other unmerited favor at the expense of women was perpetuated by the feminist movement and called patriarchy theory. Women actually show 5 times more preference for their own gender than men do for their own gender so it is women who are biased towards each other according to the study.
Anyhow here's a quote from the study and beneath it you can find the full report on the APA website:

"Women are nearly five times more likely to show an automatic preference for their own gender than men are to show such favoritism for their own gender, according to a study in the October issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 87, No. 4).
Through four experiments, psychologists Laurie A. Rudman, PhD, of Rutgers, and Stephanie A. Goodwin, PhD, of Purdue University, used the Implicit Association Test to discover 204 heterosexual college students' automatic gender preferences and gender identity by asking them to associate positive and negative gender-free words with either "men" or "women." They also tested participants' self-esteem by asking them to associate those words with "I" or "others."
Both male and female participants associated the positive words--such as good, happy and sunshine--more often with women than with men, Rudman says."

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