Saturday, September 21, 2013

Suffragette/First Wave Feminist Mary Dubal Arrested for Beating Her Husband 1912

First wave feminist suffragist Mary Dubal was arrested for beating her husband in 1912. We never hear about abuses like these being committed by the feminists when they claim only men were abusive back then do we? The article reads:

"Mrs. Mary Dubal of this city is said to be the first suffragist in the United States who has been given a penitentiary sentence for husband beating. She was arrested on a warrant obtained by Mr. Dubal.

City Judge Albert Hotchkiss found her guilty and declared if women desired men’s prerogatives they should also have men’s punishments when found guilty of law. He always dealt severely with wife beaters, he said, and accordingly he sentenced her to three months in the penitentiary."

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