Sunday, September 22, 2013

Karen Straughan Reading "The Family Terrorist" by Erin Pizzey (one of the best descriptions of female abusers I've ever heard)

Karen Straughan also known as "Girl Writes What" in the video is reading "The Family Terrorist" by Erin Pizzey. Erin is a woman who opened up the first domestic violence refuge/shelter for women in the UK and who has been a lifelong champion for fair treatment of men and women. In "The Family Terrorist" she is describing the rarely discussed personality of an abusive female family member and how much damage they can get away with because it is so hard to think of a woman as an abuser today. "The Family Terrorist" was an essay written in the 1980s by Erin when she lived in the United States.

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Also be sure to check out Erin Pizzey's show titled "Revelations With Erin Pizzey" at A Voice for Men:

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