Thursday, September 12, 2013

In 1931 There Were Just as Many Female Millionaires as Men

In 1931 there were just as many female millionaires as men despite women having a labor force participation rate of under 40% back then women held 40% of the nations wealth, comprised the majority of stockholders in the largest corporations in America and comprised 35 to 40 percent of investment bond customers.

This is at the time when according to the feminist liars out here men were all greedily taking the money for themselves and oppressing women at the bottom. Ask yourself the following question. What other systematically "oppressed" group of people throughout history have had the same number of millionaires as their supposed oppressors, owned 40% of the nation's wealth and inherited 70% of their supposed masters wealth?

Here is the table showing you the labor force participation rate for women back then

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