Thursday, September 19, 2013

The News Debunks the So Called Discriminatory Gender Pay Gap Myth

The persistent myth that women are paid less for the same work or for equal amounts of work as men is debunked in the following article by the Chicago Tribune. Anytime you try to bring up the fact that men suffer injustices people will bring up the so called wage gap myth and say that men deserve to suffer because they cheat women out of equal pay:

"On Rachel Maddow's blog, the complaint was that women are "still only making 77 centsfor every dollar men earn in similar jobs" but Republicans "seem indifferent to the problem...

A difference, in any event, does not prove discrimination. Most Broadway theatergoers are female, but not because playwrights have an animus toward males. The gap reflects many benign factors stemming from the choices voluntarily made by women and men. Same with the pay gap. Women, on average, work fewer hours and are more likely than men to take time off for family duties. A 2009 report commissioned by the U.S. Labor Department concluded that such "factors account for a major portion and, possibly, almost all of the raw gender wage gap."

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