Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Hidden Power of Female Sexual Selection

"Arguably the single most important advantage women have over men, without which many of their other advantages would not be possible, is the advantage of being the sexual selector in male-female relationships. Though it's become socially acceptable for women to initiate a relationship, in the mainstream of couples the man is the initiator. Being the selector has many advantages. Women don't have to risk rejection or embarrassment. It means they control the pace of the relationship. It also means it's the man who has to work to impress the woman. When a woman has several men compete for her affection, we call it courtship, but when men go after more than one woman, we call him a pig. The burden of courtship is solely on men. It's they who are expected to buy dinner, jewelry and gifts, to write love notes and generally prove their love. The woman's role is to accept the best love but rarely to prove her own."

"Feminism's War On Men and Its Devastating Effects" pg 2867 (kindle version)

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