Friday, September 13, 2013

Since 1870 Women Have Initiated and Been Granted the Overwhelming Majority of Divorces

In the following picture and the accompanying CDC document it is revealed that since 1870 the wife has filed for and granted the overwhelming majority of the divorces resulting in the end of marriage. The document is titled "100 Years of Marriage and Divorce Statistics". The graph in the photo can be found on page 50 of the document. On page 19 of the document it says:

"During the whole period under study the overwhelming
majority of divorces were granted to the
wife, and this majority increased slightly throughout
the period. There is a definite territorial
pattern: The proportion of decrees granted to
women in the South, particularly the South Atlantic
Division, was always lower than in other areas.
During the early years of divorce statistics the
overwhelming majority of decrees in several
southern States were granted to husbands, but
this majority disappeared about the turn of the

So if men have been the ones through most of this recording period by custom to ask the woman out on a date first, if men are the ones who ask the woman to be his girlfriend first, are the ones who by custom propose/ask for marriage first and women filed for the vast majority of divorces which resulted in the end of the relationship how can men be solely blamed for the end of relationships and the breakdown of the family? Think about it.

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