Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Feminist Movement Is Responsible for Paternity Fraud.

The National Organization for Women, the most influential feminist organization in the U.S. which has historically opposed father's and children's rights, has been revealed to be the organization at the forefront of allowing women and the courts, to scam men out of their money. Harvard University's "The Crimson" reveals staggering numbers in cases of probable paternity fraud in California where the National Organization for Women pressured Governor Gray Davis to veto the " Paternity Justice Act" which would have helped curb the thousands of paternity fraud cases and protected innocent men from being victims of psychopathic women. You can also find the record of the hearing here which is also included in the second screenshot below. 

The evidence posted in this page of how feminists have historically been allowed to shape policy and society according to their reckless and unwarranted hatred of men, to go as far as ruining men; fathers, sons, daughters and the women who love them, shows how unopposed they have been since its inception. To this day, no reckoning force has been mobilized to stand against the N.O.W's misandric agenda.

The U.S Citizens Against Paternity Fraud estimate that 30% of "fathers" are the victims of paternity frauds and made to pay child support for children that are not theirs. They say that child-support agencies coerce men into signing paternity declarations, mothers fraudulently names a father so they can collect welfare assistance or the courts won't overturn a case despite concrete DNA proof of non paternity:

The next time feminists tells us that this is example of how "Patriarchy hurts men too", you let them know who actually controls the future of men in society with its "soft" pink iron fist. 

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