Friday, November 1, 2013

The Afghan Government has a Higher Percentage of Women Than the US Government and More Than the World Average

Afghanistan is another country where women by law have to comprise a certain percentage of the Government and guess what? Women in Afghanistan make up a larger percentage of the Government than in the US! Don't believe me? Look at the data for yourself from the World Bank. So whatever evils are coming out of Afghanistan and directed at women cannot be blamed solely on men but the Universities, Hollywood and the feminist movement all blame men 110%.

Here is the World Bank's data, you can see Afghanistan's percentages and the United States percentages at the bottom of the list. Afghanistan's percentage is well above the worldwide average of 18.5%

Here is Afghanistan's Constitution. Within it are the words:

"Article Eighty-Four
Members of the House of Elders shall be elected and appointed as follows:
1. From amongst each provincial council members, one individual shall be elected
by the respective council for a four year term;
2. From amongst district councils of each province, one individual, elected by the
respective councils, for a three year term;
3. The remaining one third of the members shall be appointed by the President, for a
five year term, from amongst experts and experienced personalities, including two
members from amongst the impaired and handicapped, as well as two from
nomads. The President shall appoint fifty percent of these individuals from amongst women."

Now ask yourself why our entire culture is united in a conspiracy to demonize every man in Afghanistan and why no one is mentioning ANY of this information. Thanks to
Ramzy Noor and Thiago Alves Souza for the Constitution.

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