Thursday, October 31, 2013

Judge in Tennessee Tells Man he is Wrong for Not Wanting to Pay Child Support for Child That Isn't his

A news video from a local Tennessee station highlights the fact that in many family courts across the country Judges feel as though men who fight paying child support for children who aren't theirs are unfairly hurting the child because even though he's not the father "all children need a daddy". Or at least this is the excuse the judge often gives:

"(Memphis) Talk show TV makes millions off the catch phrase, you are not the Daddy!
However, the reality in Memphis is just because you’re not the father, doesnt mean you won’t have to pay. Edward Bowdery told us, “I was down there in handcuffs and chains.” Over the years Bowdery had his drivers license stripped and once even found himself in handcuffs over child support payments for a child that’s not his, “I would hate to see somebody else go through the same thing. I’ve been going through this, headaches.” A mound of paperwork shows a juvenile court judge ordered him to pay child support even before the birth. “I didn’t do a voluntary acknowledgement. I didn’t sign the birth certificate. All I know is we legitimated the child in your name,” said Bowdery."

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