Sunday, October 27, 2013

Feminist University Lecturer Says Meat-Eating is Proof of Oppression of Women

Carol J. Adams a self proclaimed vegan feminist and a woman who is a favorite on University campuses for student lectures in her book as well as her speeches claims that meat eating is proof of male-oppression of women as well as animals. In her book THE SEXUAL POLITICS OF MEAT we see her in characteristic feminist fashion blaming everything on men and using the feminist movement's favorite word "patriarch" over and over again:

"Dietary habits proclaim class distinctions, but they proclaim patriarchal distinctions
as well. Women, second-class citizens, are more likely to eat what are
considered to be second-class foods in a patriarchal culture: vegetables,
fruits, and grains rather than meat.

The sexism in meat eating
recapitulates the class distinctions with an added twist: a mythology
permeates all classes that meat is a masculine food and meat eating
a male activity...

Women are the food preparers; meat has to be cooked to be palatable
for people. Th us, in a patriarchal culture, just as our culture
accedes to the “needs” of its soldiers, women accede to the dietary
demands of their husbands, especially when it comes to meat...

Women are allied with animals because they too are objects of use
and possession. Women’s oppression is expressed through the trope
of meat eating...

A feminist-vegetarian critical theory begins, as we have seen, with the
perception that women and animals are similarly positioned in a
patriarchal world, as objects rather than subjects."

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