Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Should we Just Blame Men for Female Circumcision? No Not Really

We've all heard the claim that men-only are responsible for female genital mutilation in third world countries and it is one of the most malicious lies perpetrated right now. But as UNICEF reports it's usually women who perform the procedure and female genital mutilation is a ritual that is seen as "women's business":

"In the majority of cases it is mothers or grandmothers who organize and support the cutting of their daughters, and in many places the practice is considered “women’s business.” DHS survey data from eight African countries where FGM/C is practiced show a higher proportion of women than men favouring its continuation (Yoder, Abderrahim, and Zhuzhuni 2004: 44). This is consistent with data and testimony drawn from field reports and case studies (Gruenbaum 2001: 35; Johnsdotter 2002: 93-101; Shell-Duncan et. al 2000: 121-122).
The perpetuation of FGM/C and professed support of the practice by women represent one of the chief puzzles that researchers have sought to better understand. To say that patriarchy causes FGM/C is insufficient, because most, if not all, communities that do not practice FGM/C are also patriarchal."


"The large majority of girls and women are cut by
a traditional practitioner, a category which includes
local specialists (cutters or exciseuses), traditional
birth attendants and, generally, older members of the
community, usually women. This is true for over 80
percent of the girls "


And it's not just the feminist movement saying this but it is our entire culture lying to us about this.

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