Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The False Accusation/Child Support Hell and the William Gregory Story

ABC News covers the story of William Gregory, a father who was put in prison for a false rape claim for 8 years of his life. After he was released due to DNA evidence proving his innocence he was forced to pay back child support due to the time he was unable to work. This is the form of "justice" men and fathers see in the court system today:

"William Gregory spent eight and a half years in a Kentucky Prison for a rape he did not commit — leaving his son on state child support.

But with his freedom came a twist straight out of Kafka: not only did he get no compensation, but the state then sued him for the child support it paid while he was in prison.

"At least compensate me for the time," said Gregory, who was released on account of DNA evidence. "Say 'I made a mistake. We made a mistake, and pay that man!'"

He said he had nothing when he got out of jail.

"I was sleeping on the street," Gregory said."


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