Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Researchers Receive Bomb and Death Threats for Revealing Women Can be Just as Violent as Men in the Home

Richard J. Gelles, Ph.D of the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania, Murray Straus and Suzanne Steinmetz conducted the First National Family Violence Survey in 1975 and found that the rate of male to female violence was the same as the female to male rate. They death threats and bomb threats and the female member received the brunt of the attacks from the feminist movement:

"The response to our finding that the rate of female-to-male family violence was equal to the rate of male-to-female violence not only produced heated scholarly criticism, but intense and long-lasting personal attacks. All three of us received death threats.

Bomb threats were phoned in to conference centers and buildings where we were scheduled to present. Suzanne received the brunt of the attacks - individuals wrote and called her university urging that she be denied tenure; calls were made and letters were written to government agencies urging that her grant funding be rescinded. All three of us became "non persons" among domestic violence advocates.

Invitations to conferences dwindled and dried up. Advocacy literature and feminist writing would cite our research, but not attribute it to us. Librarians publicly stated they would not order or shelve our books."

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