Saturday, October 12, 2013

Susan Fenimore Cooper Says American Women Were the Best Treated Women in the World 1870

Susan Fenimore Cooper an author and daughter of James Fenimore Cooper in The Harpers Monthly, August 1870 stated that women in America were treated with respect and protection by men and had it better than any other women on the planet. She hardly sounds like the tyrannically oppressed woman the feminist movement told us all women were back then:

“In no country, whether of ancient or modern times, have women had less to complain of in their treatment by man than in America. This is no rhetorical declamation; it is the simple statement of an undeniable fact. It is a matter of social history. Since the days of early colonial life to the present hour–or, in other words, during the last two hundred and fifty years–such has been the general course of things in this country. The hardest tasks have been taken by man, and a generous tenderness has been shown to women in many of the details of social life, pervading all classes of society, to a degree beyond what is customary even in the most civilized countries of Europe. “

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