Saturday, October 12, 2013

President of the National Women's Party Declares that Women are to be Dictators 1922

A day after the creation of the Women's Parliament in 1922 the President of the National Women's Party, feminist Oliver Belmont, said she wanted to oversee the creation of female dictators because men had their chance at dictatorship and now it was women's turn. This is the movement they keep telling us was only about equality for women. The female supremacy was already deeply entrenched within the movement from the get-go but our history books that the children today are taught from have erased this information:

" TWENTY-FOUR hours after the dedication of the Woman’s Parliament in Washington a representative of The Ladies’ Home Journal asked me what I really meant when I said that henceforth women are to be dictators. She was the fortieth or fiftieth person who had put the same question to me in that very limited space of time.

I meant then and mean now exactly what I said."

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