Saturday, October 12, 2013

Feminist Moment Leader Wanted Chivalry and "Equality"

The first wave feminists like their leader Emmeline Pankhurst wanted both chivalry and "equality" at the same time. In the following article which the screenshot is taken from you see Pankhurst tell the press that they based their movement on chivalry and depended on the usual chivalry from the male police-force.

And here we see Pankhurst representing the "Equality League of Self Supporting Women"

Yet again we have this same feminist leader urging men to fight in WWI to die and protect the helpless women in the name of chivalry and she is pretty much urging women to get the men to fight:

And this is what the feminist movement is STILL doing today. They want both "equality" and chivalrous double standards in law and through Government benefits paid for by the taxpayer and this is one reason why so many people were opposed to this movement from day one.

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