Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Evil All-Powerful Male Patriarchy

Mary Daly was a feminist professor who taught at Boston College for 33 years until she was forced to retire after a male student sued her for barring men from attending her classes. She was instrumental in shaping what's called "patriarchytheory" which is the idea that male led households/families are anti-female and that they are formed because men hate women. The following excerpts are from her book "Gyn/ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism" and gives you a peek into the mind which shaped how most feminists view male-led households today:

"Three such words...which I cannot use again are God, androgyny,
and homosexuality. There is no way to remove male/masculine imagery from
God. Thus, when writing/speaking “anthropomorphically” of ultimate reality, of
the divine spark of be-ing, I now choose to write/speak gynomorphically. I do so
because God represents the necrophilia of patriarchy, whereas Goddess affirms
the life-loving be-ing of women and nature."

"The radical be-ing of women is very much an Otherworld Journey. It is both
discovery and creation of a world other than patriarchy. Patriarchy appears to
be “everywhere”. Even outer space and the future have been colonized."

"It is a mistake to see men as pitiable victims or vessels to be
“saved” through female self-sacrifice. However possessed males may be within
patriarchy, it is their order; it is they who feed on women's stolen energy."

"Patriarchy has stolen our cosmos and returned it in the form of
Cosmopolitan magazine and cosmetics. They have made up our cosmos, our

"I have coined the term metapatriarchal to describe the journey, because the
prefix meta has multiple meanings. It incorporates the idea of “postpatriarchal”,
for it means occurring later. It puts patriarchy in the past without denying that
its walls/ruins and demons are still around."

"There is nothing like the sound of women really laughing. The roaring laughter
of women is like the roaring of the eternal sea. Hags can cackle and roar at
themselves, but more and more, one hears them roaring at the reversal that is
patriarchy, that monstrous jock's joke, the Male Mothers Club that gives birth
only to putrefaction and deception."

"Gyn/Ecology requires a constant
effort to see the innerconnectedness of things. It involves seeing the totality of
the Lie which is patriarchy, unweaving its web of deception. Since the totality of
the patriarchal Lie is not integrity, since it lacks the complexity of real integrity,
it tends to fall apart quickly once we see its pattern, once we dare to face “the
whole thing”. Moreover, since it depends entirely upon the reality which it
distorts and demonically reflects, our seeing through patriarchy is at the same
time learning to see the Background, our stolen integrity/energy/be-ing."

"Thus by breaking the imposed silence we help to spring other
prisoners of patriarchy"

"The courage to be logical – the courage to name – would require that we
admit to ourselves that males and males only are the originators, planners,
controllers, and legitimators of patriarchy. Patriarchy is the homeland of males:
it is the Father Land; and men are its agents."

"I have already suggested that in women's metapatriarchal Otherworld Journeying the wardens are the demonic powers of patriarchy, which assume ghostly forms (that is, are difficult to perceive) and function as noxious gases. Women who are able to
name our Selves are thereby empowered to name the demons at each Passage.
When we say their names, they – in effect – drop dead. To put it another way,
the gases drop down (condense) into a merely messy puddle."

"Patriarchy is itself the prevailing religion of the entire planet, and its essential
message is necrophilia."

"women are the objects of male terror, the projected
personifications of “the Enemy”, the real objects under attack in all the wars of

"To visualize the procession of generations of crippled mothers and daughters,
hobbling on three-inch long caricatures of feet, moving slowly, grotesquely,
painfully in meaningless circles within the homes (prisons) of fathers and
husbands – their owners – is to see the real state of women in patriarchy."

"Re-considering the imposed choices of the past means acknowledging that a spell has been cast upon us, that we have been framed by the pictures of patriarchy, robotized by its rituals."

"The most basic and paradigmatic form of boundary violation is, of course, rape.
Patriarchy as the Religion of Rapism legitimates all kinds of boundary violation."

"Within the massive public relations business of patriarchy, the
promotion of rape and dismemberment has top priority, and it is essential that
the promoters make this fact invisible to everyone, especially to themselves."

"For, since the patriarchy requires women to be “made-up” - that is, lie through their
bodies – this assumption that women are lying carries over to all physical
appearance, however deviant."

"Scientists are priests of patriarchy, performing the last rites."

"Since Patriarchy is the State of War, it is interesting to consider the persistent
propaganda concerning the “peaceful uses of nuclear energy”."

"As she moves through this Passage, she finds multiple manifestations of the lethal intent of patriarchy. Her increasing knowing of this intent and her facing its implications is radical exorcism."

"Indeed, the very nature of patriarchy inherently excludes justice."

"nearly everyone has been indoctrinated from infancy in the mother-hating myths of the controlling religion: Patriarchy. Fairy tales (for example, “Snow White” and “Cinderella”) teach that the only good mothers are dead ones, thinly disguising living mothers as “evil” stepmothers."

"We have seen that the perpetrators of this planetary atrocity
are acting out the deadly myths of patriarchy and that this ritual enactment of
the sado-myths has become more refined with the “progress of civilization”."

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