Tuesday, October 15, 2013

All Men Are Attracted to Underage Girls Claims Misandric Film

"Are All Men Pedophiles?" is a critically acclaimed film released last year which claims all men are naturally attracted to girls as young as 14 years old and is another example of the film industry going out of its way to demonize men but in this one they are demonizing men while also normalizing the idea of men being sexually attracted to underage girls:

"Are All Men Pedophiles? is a 2012 Award-Winning [1][2][3] documentary film about pedophilia by Dutch filmmaker Jan-Willem Breure. The film which had its world premiere at the Queens World Film Festival in New York City on March 2, 2012[4] has been screened at a number film festivals to considerable acclaim.[5][6]
The film which carries the tagline "Eighteen Is Just A Number" advances the claim that all men are hebephiles, that is they are attracted to teenagers, and argues that society needs to make a distinction between this and true pedophilia—sexual attraction to prepubescent children"



They actually make the claim in the film that they believe ultimately pedophilia will be accepted.

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