Monday, November 11, 2013

Women in 1707 Talk About Pressuring the Government to Force All Men to be Married

In "Female Grievances: Dialogues between two Young Ladies concerning Love and Marriage" published in 1707 two women talk about the need to force young men who are bachelors to get married using Government coercion. They talked about how bachelors needed to be taxed and forced into the military if they refused to get married and support female entitlement and how the Government should take away their land afterwards. In the dialog you can see there was not a shred of fear in these women's voices or apprehension about the supposed oppressive men back then punishing them for openly talking about taking away men's rights. The link is from AVFM but they link you to the actual book itself which you can download for yourself and read:

"Mariana: With all my heart; you would have me begin, so accordingly I’ll proceed to the business, vis:

That every bachelor above the age of twenty, and childless widower under the age of fifty, shall be obliged to marry within the circle of one year, commencing from the date of the Act, or else be liable to be press’d into the Sea or Land Service (after the expiration of the Term limited) when ever Her Majesties Forces shall need a further recruit.

Eliza: That their personal effects shall be all sequester’d by the government, and be distributed by an Almoner for that purpose, into the hands of so many trustees, chosen out of every Parish, for the better supporting and maintaining all such poor children as have lost their fathers in defence of the Kingdom, and the overplus to be disposed of amongst those miserable husbands who are plagued with scolding wives and smoky houses."

A Voice For Men dug up a gem here

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