Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dallas Cowboys hall of fame player Micheal Irvin the Victim of False Rape Allegations

Dallas Cowboys hall of fame player Micheal Irvin was the victim of false rape claims. Even the rich and powerful, even the strongest men on the planet can be brought down simply by a woman pointing her finger and making an allegation:

"An angry Michael Irvin said Friday he was pleased but not surprised that Florida authorities won't file sexual assault charges against him.
The former Dallas Cowboys star, at times appearing to hold back tears, was speaking publicly for the first time since prosecutors in Florida declined to pursue allegations that emerged in a lawsuit accusing him of rape. A Florida woman filed suit Feb. 4 seeking unspecified damages for a sexual assault that she alleges occurred in July 2007 at a South Florida hotel.

"This has been the very thing I have tried so hard to avoid," Irvin said during a news conference at his attorney's office. "I am so pleased that trained investigators concluded that what she claimed occurred never happened."...

In 1996..Irvin and another Cowboys player were accused of sexual assault by a woman, but an investigation determined the story was false and the woman recanted.

Irvin described this latest lawsuit as a "horrific ordeal."...

Friedman said Irvin was approached by the woman's lawyer shortly before appearing on last season's "Dancing With The Stars" TV show. Irvin was told he must pay the woman $1 million or a lawsuit would be filed to coincide with the Super Bowl, Friedman said...

Investigators with the Broward State Attorney's office in Florida said in a report this week that the woman's story is "replete with contradictions and inconsistencies ... that significantly diminish the strength of the evidence." The report pointed out that she declined to be examined at a sexual assault treatment center, waited 16 days to report the incident and did so only after meeting with three different attorneys...

Her attorney, David Lister, said his client has passed a polygraph test and challenged Irvin to submit to one.

"My firm would not have gotten involved in this matter if this young lady did not agree to submit to a polygraph examination," Lister said.

Irvin was fired from his Dallas-Fort Worth ESPN radio show on Feb. 5, the day after the lawsuit was filed."

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