Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Huffington Post Glories in the "Upsides" to Divorce for Women

In the following article The Huffington Post glories in the fact that women ask for the divorce two times more than men and they reveal the fact that women are responsible for even more of the separations. Of course they frame it as a form of female empowerment though:

"2. Women Initiate Divorce: Men were warned in the beginning: happy wife, happy life. According to statistics, women initiate divorce proceedings about twice as often as men, and separations are even more so led by women. Since women are most often the initiators of divorce, they tend to be more confident of the decision to separate, making the process somewhat bearable in terms of the emotional weight associated with divorce."

This part is also revealing:

"4. Women Experience Less Stress: Women are less likely to have high levels of stress after the divorce. Emotional adjustments are quicker due in part to relief, social support systems and a boost in self-esteem after taking on a new role.

1. Emotional Outcomes For Men
Because men are most often the ones blindsided by divorce, the effects of separation tend to weigh heavily in the beginning. "

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