Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 Movie Releases Demonstrate Our Culture's Admiration and Double Standard for Female Sexual Predators

Just to illustrate how celebrated female sexual predators are in our culture I present to you three films released this year which were given good reviews which center around an older mature woman sexually molesting a teenage boy. The links to the trailers will be included below. The first film is titled "The Lifeguard" and the plot for this film is:

"Reporter Leigh leaves her life in New York City to go back home to Connecticut to get her high school job as a lifeguard. About to turn 30 years old, she begins a relationship with a troubled 16-year-old"

The LA Times loved the film and drools over the boy and refers to the sexual relationship as:

"a steamy dalliance that evolves with Jason (David Lambert), an antsy 16-year-old she meets at the pool. Sure, he's irresistible (the guy is underwear model material), but, more importantly, their affair proves Leigh's ultimate reconnection to her youth — or at least to feeling young.",0,5540442.story

Here is the trailer:

The next film is titled "Adore" and is about two grandmothers who sleep with each others teenage boys. Here is the Atlantic describing the plot:

"The premise of Adore, the new film from director Anne Fontaine, adapted from Doris Lessing's novella The Grandmothers, promises titillation, a dark flouting of taboo: Robin Wright and Naomi Watts play two childhood best friends who start sleeping with each other's teenage sons."

Here is the trailer:

Notice one of the woman gets to slap the boy in the face when he makes her feel uncomfortable too.

And last we have the film titled "A Teacher" the Huffington Post loved the film and had this to say about it:

"Hannah Fidell's A Teacher, opening in limited release this week, is exactly the kind of movie I love to discover at film festivals: small, low-budget, without famous faces -- but with a strong dramatic vision and the intelligence to carry it out with minimal resources.

It seems like a familiar story: a teacher who has an affair with a high school student. It's the kind of thing some people (okay, men) treat as a smutty joke: Whoa, wish I'd had a teacher like that."

And here is the trailer for "A Teacher"

So remember folks, women sleeping with teenage boys is sexy, trendy and funny in 2013.

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