Friday, April 17, 2015

When It Comes To Work-Related Gender Gaps, Men Work More Hours and Suffer More Fatal/ Non Fatal Injuries.

When it comes to the gender gaps in work feminists complain so much, they make sure to only focus on the already debunked discriminatory gender wage gap, but the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reveal more on the matter. Not only men work more hours on the average than women, but they suffer more work related injuries and fatal injuries.

On a 2013 report by the BLS, they revealed that employed men worked 53 minutes more than employed women, which means women have a greater likelihood to work part-time. When compared to full-time work, men worked 1.3 hours more than women.

Source: American Time Use Survey Summary June 18, 2014

Men make up of 91.7% of work related injuries, women worked 76.3% of men's hours in comparison, men have a higher rate of work related deaths at 5.7 rate while women make only 0.7.


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