Monday, April 6, 2015

Law Enforcement More Likely to Help Female Victims than Men, and Profile More Men than Women.

       The U.S Department of Justice reports from the National Violence Against Women Survey that men are more likely to be arrested than women for physical assault, sexual assault and stalking, and women are more likely to be attended and helped more than men for those crimes.

Now look at these stats in page 49 (53 adobe reader) in exhibit 16, and ask yourselves: Why are feminists lying to us saying law enforcement doesn't help female rape victims nor believe them?

 And if you read above that table, it tells us that the famous data feminists love to use to suggest most rapes aren't reported is unreliable due to it being only based on the report from 16 women only! So how can they make the claim that majority of rapes are not reported with such shoddy statistic? 


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