Thursday, April 2, 2015

2013 Report by the US Department of Justice Reports: Female prison officers commit 90% of sex assaults on male teens in US juvenile detention centres.

We hear plenty in the news and in everyday discussions about the male sexual offender and how prevalent they are and awareness of male sex offenders is great as long as it doesn't descend into paranoia.

However we rarely hear about female sex offenders and the professions they tend to go into. This latest article from International Business Times shows that female prison guards commit 90% of the sexual assaults on boys i
n detention centers and female offenders could be drawn to these jobs for this very reason. Quote:

"A recent lawsuit in Idaho involving five teenage victims of sexual abuse at a state juvenile detention centre highlights the prevalence of sexual victimization of juvenile offenders.
The suit, which was filed in state District Court in Boise on 19 March, alleges that five boys were sexually abused by several female employees. One of the victims, a 16-year-old boy, was reportedly given street drugs by a nurse and forced to have sex with her and a student intern...

Unfortunately, the circumstances in the Idaho case are not that uncommon.
A 2013 report by the US Department of Justice on the sexual victimization of youths in juvenile facilities revealed that 89.1% of young prisoners claiming victimization were males reporting sexual activity with female staff."

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