Monday, April 6, 2015

Men are more heroic and generous towards strangers and close ones than women, and give out more help than women.

The American Psychological Association, carried out significant studies on the social role of male empathy that we hardly hear in our mainstream media. They analyzed 172 studies of helping behaviors between the genders and concluded that male generosity is over- represented in studies simply because men tend to be more helpful towards strangers and familiars alike than women; and women received more help than men. All the while, women are nurturant and caring towards people in long-term relationships with them: 

"Contends, on the basis of posited social-role theory of gender and helping, that the male gender role fosters helping that is heroic and chivalrous, whereas the female gender role fosters helping that is nurturant and caring. In social psychological studies, helping behavior has mainly been examined in the context of short-term encounters with strangers. This focus has tended to exclude from the research literature those helping behaviors prescribed by the female gender role, because they are displayed primarily in long-term, close relationships. In contrast, the helping behaviors prescribed by the male gender role have been generously represented in research findings because they are displayed in relationships with strangers as well as in close relationships. Results from a meta-analytic review of sex differences in 172 studies (appended) in helping behavior indicate that in general men helped more than women and women received more help than men. Nevertheless, sex differences in helping were inconsistent across studies and were successfully predicted by various attributes of the studies and the helping behaviors."

This can be also be corroborated by the fact men comprise most of the police force, fire departments, military and paramedics. All life risking professions which main purposes is defense and helping others.

More and more, we keep exposing how the feminist movement helped to twist the social perception towards men, that our grandmothers knew were bold faced lies.

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