Monday, April 6, 2015

Only 7% of Female Rape Accusers chose not to Report due to Intimidation; Rapists Motivated by Looks

     Major criminology studies on rape and what motivates rapists, have correlated thoroughly that criminals do prefer younger and more attractive women as targets and are way less likely to choose from older victims. This is yet another feminist myth is put to sleep. Feminists have long described that the motivation for rape is not or less likely to be due to sexual arousal and female attractiveness but to be about power and control; they also have mentioned that vulnerability is a main issue, which is true, but when it comes to younger women, not older. This data shows that women in their fifties and above are way less than 5% of rape targets (Lennington, 1985: Thornhill & Thornill, 1983)

We can read on the information above that they accounted for variables and compared studies, and came to the consensus that rapists are definitely motivated by a victim's youth, physical attractiveness and not a psychological thrill about having power and control over a victim. 

This information can be found in the book. Social Psychology and Human Sexuality: Essential Readings  By Roy F. Baumeister, page 232

And now to this is another very telling piece of information. The feminist movement has alluding about the social stigma that rape victims face due to public and law enforcement unbelief in their stories, but data from the U.S Department of Justice only points out that only 7% of alleged rape victims never reported due to fear of facing skepticism. This is something every time feminists bring about, we need to counter right away. This table comes from the same report from our previous post on this blog. Check out exhibit 17 on Page 50 of the report.

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