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The Misandric Myth of Male Circumcision.

First of all, let's define our terms, because not many people know what "misandry" is:

misandrySyllabification: mis·an·dry
Pronunciation: /miˈsandrē/

Definition of misandry in English:


"Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex)"

A lot of times readers won't comprehend a word or term, so in order to clarify and better communicate our meanings, we'll give the meaning of certain words we hardly encounter in literature.

Without further adieu, let's also clarify what are the biological and anatomical function of the human prepuce, commonly known as the foreskin of the male penis:

So from the start of the scientific explanation of the male foreskin, we can read that it has protective purposes which we will investigate which those are. In "
Immunological functions of the human prepuce" by P M Fleiss, F M Hodges, R S Van Howe", it states that the foreskin is multi-purposed and it has been demonized by the American medical community with false, erroneous assumptions and shoddy scientific research, and when you account for rigid studies, the benefits are obvious and alarming to a society that has culturally suggested circumcising its boys.

1. The foreskin facilitates sexual intercourse and it is more pleasurable to both participants:

2. The foreskin actually protects against STD's and has immunological secretions that helps protect men; and circumcised men are more likely susceptible to infections than uncircumcised men, unlike the we have been told by the American Pediatrics:

Despite the overwhelming evidence supporting what nature intended all along, that males SHOULD have their foreskin intact, almost 90% of the American male population have gotten the procedure of circumcision since the 1970's, with a decline since then, but also was reinforced through propaganda:

And this is our American Pediatrics Association using double-speak on the whole procedure claiming both risks and benefits of male circumcision. This is blatantly irresponsible and treating baby boys' autonomy with indifference and leaves it all at the mercy of the bias of parents:


Not only is the medical industry apathetic with men's health, but they also profit from it. Male foreskin is sold on the cosmetic market and used to create facial rejuvenation treatments:

And here you can find male foreskin for sale:

In this live footage of circumcision procedures, we can see how much pain baby boys can be in while immobilized by being strapped on a table like a mentally ill person. Look how apathetic the doctor and nurse can be while this child is screaming in pain!

And studies confirm that babies feel as much pain as adults and are more sensitive to them. This is yet another piece of evidence against the misandric, lying medical industry promoting circumcision claiming that babies don't remember or don't feel it as much:
'The brains of babies “light up” in a similar way to adults when exposed to the same painful stimulus, suggesting they feel pain much like adults do, researchers said on Tuesday.In the first of its kind study using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scientists from Britain’s Oxford University found that 18 of the 20 brain regions active in adults experiencing pain were also active in babies.Brain scans of the sleeping infants while they were subjected to mild pokes on the bottom of their feet with a special rod -- creating a sensation “like being poked with a pencil” -- also showed their brains had the same response to a slighter “poke” as adults did to a stimulus four times as strong, suggesting babies have a much lower pain threshold.“Obviously babies can’t tell us about their experience of pain and it is difficult to infer pain from visual observations,” said Rebeccah Slater, a doctor at Oxford’s pediatrics department who led the study.“In fact some people have argued that babies’ brains are not developed enough for them to really feel pain... (yet) our study provides the first really strong evidence this is not the case."'

Source: fMRI reveals neural activity overlap between adult and infant pain - Oxford University

Circumcision of non-consenting babies can lead to negative emotional problems, PTSD and sexual problems in later life, as one study reveals:

Source: Male circumcision: pain, trauma and psychosexual sequelae. And for the full study.

For further reference, here you can read in detail a meta-analysis studies which also investigates the circumcised and uncircumcised population in the world.

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Male Circumcision: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

We have no excuses to keep torturing baby boys! 

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