Friday, April 3, 2015

More Feminist Lies Debunked: 26%,not 65% of Brazilians Believe Women Who Dress Scantily Deserve to be Raped. (12.8% of those 26% partially believe),

The feminist movement last year was crying at the top of their lungs claiming that 65% of the people in Brazil believed that women who were dressed scantily deserved to be raped. You can see feminists making the claim in the screenshot and at the link below:

That statistic has now been revealed to be false by the researchers themselves who the statistic is supposedly derived from. The Washington Post is one of the few media outlets that admitted their mistake once the researchers corrected them in their article. Quote:

"The correct figure for the percentage of Brazilians surveyed who agreed that women who dress in a revealing way “deserve to be attacked” was actually 26% they said – not 65%.   And then there’s this: More than two-thirds of the respondents were women."

And in a Google translated Brazilian mainstream media coverage of the correct report, it further states that out of those 26%, 13.2% totally agree with the "deserve to be attacked" and 12.8% say the partially agree:

"Women who wear clothes that show the body deserve to be attacked (in%): 
13.2% totally agree 
12.8% partially agree 
3.4% are neutral 
58.4% strongly disagree 
11.6% partially disagree"

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