Monday, April 13, 2015

Exposing the Feminist Myth that It is Mostly Men Policing Women While Breastfeeding.

Feminism for Beginners, sourcing the Guardian's article, "It's time we stop blaming women for having breasts"  says that men want to police women who breastfeed their children and that it's men sexualizing women's breasts rather than women insisting that we sexualize them:

"So, to recap, breasts imagined through a man’s eyes and painted by his brush are high art, but women choosing to use these parts of their own bodies to feed their children is potentially offensive and must be policed by men. Women in show business are enormously pressured to reveal their bodies (which must conform to narrow media-dictated ideals) and to use sex appeal as part of their selling points. But those who choose to wear clothes they feel confident and happy in may be subject to anger, outrage, or accused of being attention-seekers. The media is disgusted by such showing off, but will, nonetheless, heroically document each bikini moment with astonishing diligence. And though society repeatedly reminds us women’s breasts are there primarily for men’s pleasure and use, if women are assaulted they should realise it’s their own fault for having breasts in the first place and wearing the wrong sort of clothes on them."

 So is it actually true that it's men who disapprove of public breastfeeding more-so than women? Well according to the only poll done to record the views of men and women on the subject individually, men in every country recorded approved of public breastfeeding more-so than women. See the results for yourself in the screenshot and at the following link. Quote:

"In all three countries, men were more open to public breastfeeding than women. 77% of British men think it is generally acceptable for a woman to breastfeed in public, and 19% said it is generally not acceptable."

So there's yet another feminist myth we can put to bed. 

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