Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The National Organization for Women Killed Mixed Martial Arts Bill

The National Organization for Women, the largest, most influential feminist organization in the nation was instrumental in prevent Mixed Martial Arts from being legalized in New York State and they claimed that allowing men to perform the sport in the state would "endanger women".

Keep in mind as you read this, that this is the movement that claims women have no power and we live in a patriarchy. Quote:

"The National Organization for Women-NYS (NOW-NYS) is pleased to announce that legislation known as the "Cage Fighting" Bill will not pass in New York State. This New York Assembly Bill 6506 would have allowed professional human mixed martial arts events in our state... NOW-NYS was instrumental in making sure this legislation did not reach the floor for a vote...
"I am appalled that our legislators would even consider this bizarre bill, while declining to pass the Women's Equality Act, just because it secures women's reproductive health and rights. Imagine, the WEA would save lives and the 'Cage Fighting' Bill would endanger them. What does that say about those legislators?"
Mendez continued: "NOW-NYS has made it clear to Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) that this type of so called 'sport' would be detrimental to the lives and safety of women."

This is supposed to be a women's rights organization but time and time again, they are killing bills that would allow men to engage in activities that have nothing to do with preventing women's rights. Below you can see their letter to the Governor that successfully pressured him into withdrawing his support.

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