Saturday, January 30, 2016

Feminist Hero Margaret Sanger Hated Charity and the Disabled

       The iconic feminist hero Margaret Sanger, who also founded Planned Parenthood, was an adamant adversary to charities towards the poor and disabled.

Not only was Sanger a Eugenicist she was also a Neo-Malthusian who carried a deep hatred for charity due to it's preservation of "lesser strains" of people she thought would be better off removed from the gene pool. She actually devotes an entire chapter in her book "Pivot of Civilization " condemning charity in a chapter revealingly enough titled "The Cruelty of Charity" that chapter starts on page 59 in the book:

"Even if we accept organized charity at its own valuation, and grantthat it does the best it can, it is exposed to a more profoundcriticism. It reveals a fundamental and irremediable defect. Itsvery success, its very efficiency, its very necessity to the socialorder, are themselves the most unanswerable indictment. Organizedcharity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease.
Those vast, complex, interrelated organizations aiming to control andto diminish the spread of misery and destitution and all the menacingevils that spring out of this sinisterly fertile soil, are the surestsign that our civilization has bred, is breeding and is perpetuatingconstantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents anddependents. My criticism, therefore, is not directed at the``failure'' of philanthropy, but rather at its success."

But hey this doesn't stop her from being held up as a hero for girls and celebrated as the best of humanity!:

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