Monday, January 25, 2016

Men Were Legally Responsible for the Acts of Wives in the 1800's

       The feminist movement loves to claim that wives were nothing but the properties of men back in the 1800's, but according to the law, husbands were held legally responsible for their wives and would be punished in their place for any crime, breach of contract or immoral behavior; and public opinion in society went even further to state to say that it was men's job to constantly police their wives to make sure they weren't doing anything wrong. Here's the Putnam's Monthly Magazine chapter titled: "A Word for Men's Rights" reports:

So not only the law, but society required out of husbands the personal and legal obligation to babysit their wives at the expense of their lives. Now we know why we are neck deep in a culture that treat women as children with no agency that can do no wrong, where men are supposed to white knight at the snap of a damsel's fingers.

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