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The Feminist Movement's Deeply Hateful Opposition to Men's Groups Being Allowed on Campus

Feminists and women's groups on campus have a long track record of opposing and blocking the formation of men's groups and men's centers on University campuses across the Western world. In this blog we will examine the most notable recent examples and in doing so, I will illustrate how their claims of being an oppressed, powerless class are bogus. Oppressed groups of people do not have the power to shut down the formation of groups representing their so-called oppressors in establishments that their so-called oppressors built themselves. Anyway, the first example is from Simon Fraser University where feminists opposed and eventually killed the proposals for the creation of a men's center. This is of course despite the fact that the University has it's own Women's Center already. Quote:
"In April, the Simon Fraser University student society voted to devote $30,000 of its budget toward the development of a men’s resource centre. The battle began soon after.
Resident feminists scoffed. Men? Needing a place to discuss their “issues?” Ridiculous. Men were the issue. Meanwhile, the SFU Women’s Centre had been fighting the good fight since 1974, and offering its small campus office as a haven. As for a men’s centre? Declared the Women’s Centre’s website — which, curiously, offers a “Male Allies” link, as if to enlist them — well, “the men’s centre is everywhere else."

So according to these feminists, men rule everywhere else except their magical Women's Center. The article goes on to reveal the fact that women's groups receive at least $80 million a year from the Government aka the patriarchy while men's groups don't even receive a $1 million. Quote:
"Depending on the source, women’s organizations in B.C. receive between $80 million and $100 million from the provincial government. Men’s organizations, Boere said, receive $500,000." 
The next example is from Staffordshire University where the creation of a men's rights society last year was initially opposed on campus by a woman's group. After union bosses got involved and mediated between the two sides the women's group eased up a bit and gave lip service to being supportive. The issue was eventually put to a vote which to our knowledge was a vote of "NO" because there is no listing of a men's society on the University's website yet.


"Students will vote on whether a controversial Men’s Rights Forum should go ahead at Staffordshire University in Stoke-on-Trent.

Student Vajra Dhatu posted a proposal to create a society version of the forum on the university’s Student Union “better Staffs forum” page.

But members of the Woman’s Network led by Fiona Wood caused a storm when they protested against the plan."

Our next incident is from last year as well. Students at Western University were opposed by feminist professors for attempting to create a men's group.


"Although a few universities across Canada have banned men’s issues groups, Western’s University Students’ Council would hypothetically allow such groups — as long as they abide by Western’s club rules... Jessica Cameron, adjunct professor in women’s studies and feminist research, is not very supportive of men’s issues clubs.

“My concern of course with men-only groups is that historically so many groups have been men-only groups and they’ve been about the maintenance of patriarchal social relations,” Cameron said... Cameron does not see a need for a men’s group, unless it had a goal of something, such as reducing men’s violence against women.

“If our aim is gender equality, we don’t have to worry about advocating specifically for men,” Cameron said."

CBC News did an interesting news video on the creation of men's groups being opposed on campus and at 4:19 in the video a feminist writer for Buzzfeed says that the mere presence of men's groups on campus would have her living in fear. Quote:

"Yeah it would make me nervous, if I'm a woman that goes to a University and there's a Men's Rights Group that's right next door of course that would make me nervous... I don't think that they should exist."

And last but not least, at Ryerson University a men's group failed  to receive a yes vote for ratification on campus after feminists claimed they would be living in fear as women if there was a men's group on campus. They also accused the men's group of working with a "hate group", namely CAFE which is short for The Canadian Association For Equality. They never gave any proof to support their assertion that CAFE is a hate group of course.


"The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) rejected the last appeal by the Men’s Issues Awareness Society (MIAS) to become an officially sanctioned student group.

RSU president Andrea Bartlett said that the group cannot appeal any further... Several directors said that MIAS’ recognition as a student group would make female staff and students at Ryerson feel unsafe...When there are women who are attending these spaces because they want to see what’s being talked about, how will you ensure that there are no voices that are targeting or oppressing anyone else?” said Carolyn Myers, equity correspondent for the Board of Governors....

A working relationship with CAFE — which several RSU directors consider a hate group — has also hindered Arriola’s efforts. In December’s meeting, Arriola promised the RSU he wouldn’t invite anyone from CAFE.

“We are willing to work with you guys,” he told the committee. “We won’t have CAFE here, anyone who ever speaks to CAFE [we] will eliminate them from the pool."

Robyn Urback at the National Post wrote an excellent article going into more detail on the fanatical feminist opposition to men having any groups just for them on campus in Canada so be sure to check her article out for further reading. To anyone reading our blog, please message us if we missed any incidents of note.

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