Monday, January 11, 2016

NOW Defends Anonymous False Rape Accuser "Jackie" from UVA

    The largest feminist organization in the nation, The National Organization for Women is bashing the University of Virginia's female Dean for suing the Rolling Stone regarding the false rape debacle in the "Jackie" case.

In their statement on their website N.O.W. is STILL calling Jackie a sexual assault victim and saying that the Dean is revictimizing her by demanding her texts be revealed in the case. The following quotes further demonstrate the fanatical bias the feminist movement's main organization operates under. Quote:
"Dear President Sullivan,
We recently learned about deeply disturbing actions by one of your Deans against a sexual assault survivor and member of the UVA community. We are writing to request that you put a stop to what we regard as a re-victimization of this young woman.
A lawsuit has been filed naming as plaintiff Dean Nicole Eramo, an associate dean of students at the University of Virginia, and former chair of the Sexual Misconduct Board.
The suit names as defendant the Rolling Stone Magazine and seeks damages for defamation relating to the November 2014 article about sexual assault at UVA.
We have followed this case and reviewed the plaintiff’s filings. In our view, the filings display a very troubling pattern of abuse towards “Jackie”, a woman profiled in that article, which cannot be allowed to continue."

Notice that the dean is a woman, but the feminist movement keeps claiming they want women in positions of influence and having their voices heard. 

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