Sunday, January 31, 2016

Adolf "Handsome" Hitler was a Hit with Women

    Handsome Adolf Hitler is adored by women shown by The Pittsburgh Press Feb 6, 1933.

This is just to show that historically, it wasn't just men who supported the rise of the Third Reich, but women lusting after powerful Nazis as well.
The Milwaukee Journal March 31, 1937 shows women fawning over handsome Adolf Hitler as a sex symbol:

"Handsome Hitler Rates High as Ladies Man", The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 7, 1934


The Pittsburgh Press in 1930 talking about how women were Hitler's most loyal supporters even when everyone else deserted him early on.

"The Women Made Him" The Pittsburgh Press - Oct 5, 1930

But they tell us in school that he just came out of nowhere as this evil unforeseen menace that the heroic Allies had to defeat. I'm not debating that he was evil, but the idea that only men supported this psychopath is absurd.

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