Tuesday, January 26, 2016

NOW International Conference Excluded Men in 1973

         During an international feminist conference hosted by the National Organization for Women's chapter in Massachusetts in 1973, the question about allowing male feminist to participate arose during the organization of the meeting, and it was not well met by most feminists attending. Here are a few excerpts from The Milwaukee Sentinel on how rabid feminists got on an article named "No Male Feminists, Conference Decrees":

This convention was also hosting women from countries from Latin America, Europe and Scandinavia, and the total group (also with some NOW members) was vehemently against allowing men to attend, and the voted men out from attending. In another attempt by a majority of white feminists, they tried to compare white women's struggle with the hardships of black Americans by claiming black activists would not allow whites in their conferences so why should feminists allow men?

This is how bad the feminist movement hated men, that they created total chaos when just the idea of allowing men who sympathize with their cause was just mentioned.

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