Monday, May 11, 2015

The Untold History of Women's Suffrage: Part 3

We constantly read and heard from mainstream academia, that women back in late 19th and early 20th centuries, had to battle a system of oppression where men sadistically held more rights and did not want to provide women with the same. But what we do not hear is the factual evidence pointing out that the so-called all powerful, male hegemonic evil patriarchy not only assisted women in their activism to obtain the vote, but also were members and famous families funded them. 
Such example is Victoria Woodhull, a con artist, an early feminist and the first woman to run for President in the United States was financed and empowered by the evil male patriarchy via the Vanderbilt family. She, with her sister, were ardent proponents of Marxism and were the first to translate " The Communist Manifesto" in English. My source for this information is "The Myth of Seneca Falls". Kindle Version location 1250 of 8065

The evil male patriarchy paid women's suffrage activists handsomely to lecture in support of the cause, they were in fact paid so well that it was one of the main reasons why so many activists popped up and were able to make a career out of it. The lecture circuit even had a name and was called "the lyceum". Quote:

"At the same time, the postwar lecture circuit— or the lyceum, as it was called— became thoroughly commercialized, meaning speakers were routinely paid, often handsomely, and this helped encourage women’s influx into this new type of activism. The skyrocketing popularity of the lyceum as public entertainment meant there were ample job opportunities for lecturing women in the postwar years."
"The Myth of Seneca Falls: Memory and the Women's Suffrage Movement, 1848-1898" 

(Kindle Locations 1125-1127).

The Women's Suffrage, had a subdivision of male allies and co-suffragists called, "Young Men's Woman Suffrage League", which met frequently in conventions in the state level with no controversies or disagreements. And here I thought men would be whipping those women back to the kitchen according from what I heard from feminists:

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