Monday, May 11, 2015

The Untold History of Women' Suffrage: Part 2.

More revealing information from "The Myth of Seneca Falls" Kindle Locations 1931 of 8065, records the participation of, and connection of the women's suffrage movement and the prohibition/temperence movement was. The idea among many of the suffragists was that alcohol had infected the male brain and that the sober, civilizing female brain was needed electorally to institute prohibition and set the nation on the right path pretty much. Quote: 

"In any case, during the last decades of the nineteenth century, it is undeniable that the cause of temperance— not suffrage— awoke massive numbers of women to a desire for political participation....Within a few years, the two causes were so intermingled that Livermore declared in September 1876 that “the prohibition and woman suffrage movement[ s] were joined together, like Chang and Eng, the Siamese twins, so that you cannot tell which is Chang and which is Eng.”

More on regards to the blatant racism of prominent suffragists found on page 89 of "History of Woman Suffrage, Volume 2"" we see pioneer feminists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony diminishing the sacrifices black men had to make during the Civil War in order to earn the right to vote. In the passage they insultingly claim that white women sacrificed just as much despite not fighting in the nation's wars. They even go so far as to invent a story about how white women fought heroically on battle fields on a consistent basis in one part of the quote. 

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