Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The U.N. Wants to Impose Feminist Draconian Policies to Promote "More Equality".

The U.N. now wants to implement world wide draconian policies because having equality for women, doesn't mean having equality for women, in their Orwellian style rhetoric. They now claim women need " different treatment" than men; which means give women preferential treatment to achieve more equality...This is where faith in humanity dies once again, and here's Time Magazine reporting on it:
"Equal opportunity is not enough to ensure gender equality, according to a groundbreaking new report from U.N. Women. Instead, governments must commit to social policies that treat women differently in order to help them achieve economic parity with men.'We must go beyond creating equal opportunities to ensure equal outcomes,” the report says. “‘Different treatment’ may be required to achieve real equality in practice.” This report, called Progress of the World’s Women 2015–2016, is one of the first major international reports to acknowledge that legal equality for women does not translate into actual equality, and that governments must make substantial social-policy changes that enable the redistribution of domestic duties in order for women to play a truly equal role in society.'
It’s the global version of what Sheryl Sandberg has been saying all along with Lean In — women will never be equal unless workplace policies adjust to fit their needs, and men need to step up to help at home...
...Removing legal barriers to female employment is not enough, the report says, noting that “we also need measures that free up women’s time.”

The U.N wants governments to basically dictate how home chores are divided, and eliminate more of our rights in the name of feminism, and women's time are more important than men's. This is social Marxism by the U.N. once again with its ideological wife Feminism walking hand in hand on this.

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