Monday, May 18, 2015

The Historical Revisionism by Feminist Academia on Female Achievement.

      One of the most repeated claims from feminist academics is that along with women being subjected to men, they had no rights, including property rights, and that the inventions or discoveries made by women are hijacked by the patriarchy. Yet when these claims are further investigated, not only do we find women were filing for most of the divorces, had inheritance and property rights, but also had thousands of patents given to them. For example, the University of Indiana claims that before 1936, only 20 women were given patents in the U.S.:
"Before a fire destroyed the U.S. Patent Office in 1936, only about 20 of the nearly 10,000 patents had been granted to women."
Yet when we look beyond the number of women in old magazines and newspapers of the times, such as "Scientific American: Supplement, Volume 47"we find that not only only more than 20, but thousands of women were awarded patents and credited with the most important inventions of day-to-day basis uses. And whatever invention that held a man's name that was based on a woman's idea, had so with the full consent of the woman.


So how can feminists claim this supposed lack of considerable female contribution due to systemic patriarchal oppression through restrictions? 
Women back then not only were inventing, but also being leaders of businesses and employers themselves, influencing by being pioneers in introducing new products and methods as we read in "Westering Women and the Frontier Experience, 1800-1915 By Sandra L. Myres".

     According to the same survey " R.G Dun & Company", illustrates the financial and influential power women had since back then by buying out other businesses and making them flourish. This information can be found in the book, "Capital Intentions: Female Proprietors in San Francisco, 1850-1920 By Edith Sparks":

      It is clear by the astounding evidence that women were powerhouses in their own merit as business and invention pioneers without the help of feminism under the so-called patriarchy, yet we are told by mainstream feminists that women back then were nothing but chattel for their husbands and male family members; that they were helpless victims who according to Susan B. Anthony, were just as oppressed as black slaves lacking even basic rights.

Ask yourselves this question, who is profiteering from making women damsels in distress with paranoid/schizophrenic tendencies for their unsolicited fear of men?

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