Monday, May 11, 2015

The Social Apathy and Shaming Towards Male Victims of Rape.

Despite our gynocentric media bombarding us with countless articles about "Victim Blaming", " We Should Believe Rape Victims" on the headlines when it comes to female victims, the latest study on social behaviors towards rape victims shows quite the contrary; men are less likely to receive assistance or help by lone bystanders and group bystanders (difference being group bystanders are more likely to help). And when the study investigate what are the barriers found when it comes to help male victims, lack of personal responsibility and risk assessment by the victims. Men were also perceived to be homosexual thus less likely to receive help:

My only criticism to this study, is using only a man, not also a woman as a rapist in this study. This goes to show you, how far gynocentrism permeates academia, even though they tried to convey impartiality towards gender issues. 

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