Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Orwellian Newspeak Behind " War on Women".

The slogan "war on women" are being used to control free speech and to shame into silence anyone criticizing the global feminist agenda. There is some amount of societal intimidation which both sexes are targets of, but the extent and effects are different. There is no motive for conducting a "war on women" while leaving men alone -- globalism requires far more severe intimidation of men, who are more rebellious, than of women, actually, because women are more obedient and more likely to cave as the following study demonstrates:
"The experiment examines status and gender role explanations of the tendency for women to conform more than men in group pressure settings. Subjects believed they were assigned to groups containing two males and two females in addition to themselves and received these other group members’ opinions, which were represented as deviating from the opinions that subjects had given earlier. 
Subjects then gave their opinions with the other group members either having or not having surveillance over these opinions. In addition, subjects were required to form impressions of each other's likability or expertise. 
The findings indicate that subjects’ sex and age affected the extent of their conformity. Among older (19 years and older) subjects, females conformed more with surveillance than without it, whereas surveillance did not affect males’ conformity. Among younger (under 19 years) subjects, surveillance had no effects. 
Analysis of sex differences revealed that older females were significantly more conforming than older males when under surveillance as well as when subjects formed impressions of one another's likability. Among younger subjects, there were no sex differences. These findings are discussed in terms of the theories that (a) both sex and age function as status characteristics and (b) gender roles determine conformity"

Source: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1471-6402.1986.tb00747.x/abstract#

 Not only are women more prone to conformity than men, but they tend to engage more in conformity policing of other women than men engage in. So why would the feminist movement tell us that women are specifically targeted or demonized in order to be conformists when their very nature is already more accepting of a collective or populist narrative?

And coincidentally enough ever since women have constituted the majority of voters (specifically presidential voters) since 1964, they were a majority of the voters in support of big government.

 Still don't don't believe it? Here's a study illustrating on how men and women deal with social rejection versus achievements:

Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12208639

Women are more prone to stress due to social rejection than men, while men base more their well being on their individual accomplishments. That should tell you that women will hop on the collective bandwagon more than men, in order to protect their self esteem, and also simply for that fact that men are not as trusting as women, since men are the ones who had to fight for survival and die in wars for thousands of years. Here's what The Telegraph reported on an interesting scientific research showing how women can be more trusting than men, and when given male hormones, they can become less naive and skeptical:
  "Scientists have discovered that the hormone testosterone, which makes men physically strong and aggressive, seems also to be connected to cynicism and a lack of trust in others.

They found that when it was given to women it appeared to 'harden them up' and made them less open and more vigilant.Historically for women it was important to be co-operative and sociable in order to survive whereas for men it was more important to be able to fight.Men therefore evolved with more testosterone than women in order to make them bigger, stronger and more aggressive. It also seems to have made them more wary and to constantly 'watch their back' for danger.

For the study, Dr Jack van Honk, a psychologist at Cape Town University, said that testosterone increases social vigilance in order to prepare them for competition and fights for resources.They said: 'In the same way that we have evolved capacities to help others, we have also evolved capacities to deceive and cheat.'

'Thus, those who are willing to believe what others say, or fail to probe the motivations underlying their actions, may fall prey to considerable economic and social costs.;Consequently, testosterone increased social vigilance in trusting humans, presumably to better prepare them for the hard-edged competition over status and valued resources.'

In order to test the theory researchers gave testosterone pills and dummy pills to 24 women aged about 20 and then asked them to rate the trustworthiness of strangers' faces. The scale went from -100 for very untrustworthy to +100 for very trustworthy. The half of volunteers who rated faces as most honest after the placebo scored the photographs an average 10 points – or five per cent – lower after ingesting testosterone.The researchers, whose findings are published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the research showed that testosterone 'down regulates interpersonal trust'.

'Naive, trusting humans run a much greater risk of being misguided and deceived by others,' they said."The attribution of trust toward unfamiliar others was especially decreased in subjects who run the greatest risk of being misled by others, that is, those who grant trust easily.'These findings provide insight into the hormonal regulation of human sociality by showing the hormone testosterone down-regulates interpersonal trust in an adaptive manner.' "

     So how can we buy the political rhetoric that there is a " war on women" from feminists, when the reader of this blog can examine countless sourced articles archived in this page where politics, entertainment, academia, medicine and society as a hole have been spending a lot of time and resources to make sure men are disadvantaged and demonized by having our very nature and needs condemned? Feminists in bed with big government know men don't trust the powers that be as much as women do, nor do we tie our self worth to them, Which gender makes more sense to target for condemnation given the fact that men are not so quick to drink the collective kool aid hook, line and sinker but women are? Next time someone tells you there's a war on women, you can agree with them as long as they remove the w and o from the latter.

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