Friday, May 15, 2015

Child Behavior Becomes Worse When Fathers Suffer Alienation From Mothers.

A study released by the British Psychological Society, suggests that child behavior becomes worse when fathers' authority is diminished through maternal gate-keeping, and fathers have no support from partners. They just found that out? Here's the report from Science Daily:
"Children are more likely to display troublesome behaviour in families in which the father feels unsupported by his partner."
"Mothers and fathers from 106 families completed questionnaires about parenting practices and telephone interviews relating to their relationship quality and co-parenting techniques. All families consisted of both biological parents who were married or living together.Rachel Latham's analyses showed that for fathers, perceptions of poor support from their partner were negatively associated with their children's behaviour. This related to more reported incidents of a child acting defiantly or deliberately breaking toys.
For mothers, feeling unsupported by their partners did not relate to their child's behaviour.
The findings of this study highlight the importance of involving fathers as well as mothers in the study of family and children's wellbeing.
Although the study has only established a link rather than a cause, Rachel suggests that a number of reasons may account for the findings, such as maternal gatekeeping by which the mother limits the father's child rearing input."

So, a study backs up the claim that many fathers have been making about maternal gatekeeping, as causes for parental alienation and lack of influence by the mothers, yet National Organization for Women, the largest feminist organization, says there's no such a thing. The same organization that has single-handedly blocked shared parenting bills, under the false claims that it would lead to more abuse by fathers, fathers should have their rights denied if not handling their responsibilities and that mothers should have custody more of the time. 


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