Sunday, April 24, 2016

The "Destroy the Joint" Feminist Page told a Massive Lie about the Australian Gender Pay Gap.

  The feminist page in Facebook called "Destroy the Joint" is claiming that in 2013 the gender wage gap for women is due to discrimination and the solution for solving that issue is to "add a penis":

"You will be absolutely delighted to discover that here at Destroy the Joint we have found the solution to the gender pay gap.
Now, with news that the Abbott Government is seeking to entrench the gender pay gap by reneging on a pre-election promise to fund a pay increase for childcare workers, Destroy the Joint has a solution.
For true pay equity, just Add-A-Penis. That's all it takes. No more talent, no more hours, no more experience. Just a penis.

The Abbott Government is reneging on childcare, wants to renege on Gonski reforms; and is about to launch an onslaught on ordinary Australians with the Commission of Audit. These moves will put the lives and incomes of ordinary Australians at risk - and we know that those on the lowest incomes are women."

 If you notice, right at the left hand bottom of the picture, we can see that they source the Australian Bureau of Statistics  yet when we looked into the data, we find out that Destroy the Joint lied by omission on the data and this is exactly what he discovered:

"b) Salary data may include additional payments such as overtime and bonuses. Figures therefore do not necessarily reflect award rates. An example is the case of medical graduates, whose base salary is increased markedly by overtime payments."

"The differences in overall median starting salaries between males and females can be partly explained in terms of the differing enrolment profiles of males and females. However, there are many other factors that can influence starting salary differences. While males and females may have studied in the same field, differing employment factors such as occupation, type and location of the employer, or the hours worked, can also have an impact on the earnings. (Endnote 2)"

"Analysis of differences between median starting salaries for male and female graduates should be performed with caution, as some fields of study (e.g. Optometry, Dentistry, Earth Sciences) tend to have low response numbers, and the difference obtained from the AGS may not actually exist for the overall graduate population"

And in fields like Earth Science, Physical Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Social Sciences women are actually out-earning men in starting salaries:

 As always, the feminist movement has to lie about the data and hide important information to have their fear-mongering sold.

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